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Essendon, what a lovely place to live!

Being only 8kms from the city, you are in a truly prime position.  However, crime is still very much present here, with over 5,000 offences against property were reported in 2014. It would be a shame if your lovely home was broken into and put you off living in Essendon! Metro Works can offer you security doors and shutters for your home so you can continue to live peacefully and close to the city without the worry of being broken into. With the very best material used on these security doors, Metro Works can guarantee to make you feel safer in your home.

Metro Works are located in the heart Northern Suburbs and are willing to come to you!

Security Doors and your home

Metro Works want you to feel safe when you are at home. Burglaries and invasions not only happen when you are at work or while you are on holiday away from Essendon. They can happen anytime, even when you are relaxing on the couch at home. With a range of doors offered to make you feel safe, having a security door means that you can open your front door and see through the heavy duty mesh to see who has come knocking! Knowing that even if an intruder wanted to push their way in and not being able to has got to make you feel safe doesn’t it? As well as their high quality security doors, Metro Works suggests you have other protocols in place if this does happen. Here are some other ways that Metro Works suggests you to stay safe from intruders while you are at home.

Call emergency services as quickly as possible

Call as soon as you realise that something isn’t right, even if you can hear strange noises persist or you see someone lurking around the house. The Essendon police services will come to your aid quickly and help you with the intruder.

Have an escape plan

Just like the fire escape you have for your Essendon home, find a safe and easy way to exit your house and go get help if you are in danger. Practice this and refresh your memory regularly. If modifications happen to your home, modify your plan!

Protect yourself early with Metro Works

The idea of having to prepare yourself against intruders in your town of Essendon does sound quite terrible. The truth is though that this could very well happen and you need to be safe! Metro Works can protect you before any of this happens with their efficient service that will come to your door. Email Metro Works at or call Metro Works on 0408 288 100to discuss the range of security doors and shutters that will suit you and your Essendon home. Do it now, as their experience in security doors is second to none. Or Visit our Store Metro Works Doors

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