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Let’s be secure in Epping with security doors

With nearly 50% of you owning your own home in Epping, it is important to keep what you worked hard for safe and secure. Believe it or not, home robberies can be carried out quickly and almost effortlessly by people who have no regard for what you worked hard for, and happens more than you would assume. In 2013-2014, a high level of burglaries in Victoria against property were reported, with very little of them cleared.

Imagine if you were apart of these statistics. Imagine if the home you owned and all the belongings inside were in jeopardy and it could have been avoided with the help of Metroworks and their security doors. Metroworks can keep your house and belongings safe completely hassle free. It will not change your lifestyle in anyway and you can feel at ease knowing that what you own is safe.

Keep your home safe when you’re away from Epping

Metroworks with their sought after range of security doors will give you peace of mind when you’re away on holiday as Metroworks have over 12 years experience in security doors and shutters. Because of this experience, Metro Works are committed to helping you keep your belongings safe during these times away. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your home safe in other ways so you are not stressing about home!

Employ a house sitter

It doesn’t have to be an expensive, stranger phonebook hire. It doesn’t have to cost you much at all! A young-adult family member may be looking for a quite place to study for the week and wouldn’t ask for much, or your work mate may be willing to stay if you return the favour with a Thank You meal when you get back. This way, potential intruders can see that the house is occupied and will stay away.

Have a regular visitor

Don’t like the idea of someone sleeping in your house? That’s fine, perhaps the next door neighbour can come over once a day and take the mail from the letterbox and do a check of your home. This activity also warns people off.

Double, no TRIPLE check your home

The excitement of a holiday can deter you from thinking about the simple things happening in your Epping home. Make sure that your garage is locked, gates secure and windows are closed. These things are easy to forget, and even easier for an intruder to break in!

Have an electricity timer

Set up a timer to the lamp or light in your front room near the windows. If a light comes on every night, possible intruders will see that someone is home and stay away.

Securing your home while on holiday sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It does! But unwanted intruders can still break in, ending your holiday with an unpleasant note on your arrival home to Epping.

WHY would your trust Metro Works with your home security?

Metro Works in a boutique 100% Australian owned family business, custom making beautiful and strong security doors for thousands of satisfied home owners all over the outer Northern suburbs. Sam is the owner, who personally installs each and every door for his clients, to ensure the quality and reliability of the entire experience. Knowing that you want the service and experience to be just as reliable as the door itself. Call Sam directly on 0408 288 100 for a free measure and quote in Epping, or call our factory on (03) 9357 3154 to arrange a time.

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