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People of Doreen, do you want to be secure? Metro Works wants you to be!

When you are at home, you don’t not want to be stressing about work, do you? So why would you want to be stressing about your home while you are at work? Metro Works wants you to be safe. Based in the northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Metro Works have 10 years experience in doing just that. Providing businesses and homes with security doors and security shutters, they know what to do to reduce the high risk of a break in. Their top grade materials that are used to produce these top quality secure doors will keep you and your home safe from the unwanted. Whether you own your own home or are planning to buy a home, consider Metro Works as your first option to secure your home. Metro Works will come to the lovely suburb of Doreen just for you.

There are a wide range of ways to keep you safe in Doreen

Security doors dramatically reduce the risk of having unwanted burglaries. They are secure and safe, as well as pleasing to the eye, which makes you as a homeowner, extremely satisfied. Unfortunately, there are other ways for an intruder to enter your home, one of which is windows.  Never fear though! Metro Works is here!

We have a secure and effective range of Roller Shutters

As well as security doors, Metro Works offer secure Roller Shutters. Roller Shutters completely shut out entry through the windows when requested. They are made of sturdy materials from proven suppliers, making damage and entry into your home through windows nearly impossible. Not only do the shutters keep you safe, they have a wide range of other purposes. Heating and cooling escaping will no longer be a problem. The Roller Shutters increase your homes’ insulation by reducing the summer heat in your home by up to 90%. Keeping the warm inside the house during winter is increased by 70%. What great numbers! Not only do they help climatise your home, they are adjustable allowing you to choose how much light enters your home at certain times of the day. This also prevents sun damage to your furniture close to the window. As well as this, noise is reduced by 50%, giving you another level of privacy. The secure layer increases the privacy yet again.

Roller Shutter AND Security Doors?

Metro Works can offer you double security with the Roller Shutters and security doors making you feel safe.On top of that, you can enjoy the added benefits of the Roller Shutters. Being a family owned business, and having the experience in the field with the best quality materials, you can be assured that Metro Works will keep you safe and secure.

If this sounds like what you need on your home in Doreen, Metro Works will give you a free quote of their services. Or Visit our Store Metro Works Doors

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