Would you like a Diamond Grill Door, a Colonial Style Door (with or without lead lighting), a Side Light or maybe a security door with no grill at all? Hinged or Sliding? Our options are extensive so if you know what you want, or maybe have no idea at all – we can help.

Check out the Mesh and Colour options available to you in our Mesh and Colours section.

Colonial Doors

Colonial Doors are used to show off your home’s individual style. Particularly suited to older or Federation Style homes there is a large range to choose from. Due to the wide openings in some of the designs, these doors are used more for their look than their security. As such they are considered to be more of a heavy duty barrier door than a security door.

Security Doors

Security Doors are a popular choice for a more modern look for your home, or for those wishing to leave an unobstructed view of their front door. Typified by a single panel of mesh and no grille, these doors are unable to be pierced due to the heavy duty mesh that is used. As such these doors can only be paired with Galvanized, Perforated or Stainless Steel Mesh.

Diamond Grill

Diamond Grille doors get their name from their distinctive diamond pattern design. They remain one of the most popular choices amongst home owners. Given the relatively small openings, the Diamond Grille is considered a security door with the screen acting as the security rather than the mesh. Typically, these doors are paired with the DVA (Privacy) mesh.

Concertina Doors

Concertina doors are ideal for covering large alfresco areas, bi-fold doors and French doors that you want to keep those annoying insects and bugs out of. They are fully retractable and with the automatic, magnetic closing latch they seal completely and are very easy to clean and use. They are manufactured with a polyester and propylene pleated mesh and can be attached to new and existing door frames.